Michael Jerome, President of BE Inc.

My name is Michael Jerome, I am the President of BE INC and also an artist. I want to save the world.

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Zaki Baruti, President of Universal African People’s Organization

I am head of the Universal African People’s Organization which was founded in 1989. We have a vision and motto: one God, one goal, one destiny. When we say one God we say irregardless of people’s religious perspective we can all agree that there is something greater than ourselves. And we say one goal, that goal should be the liberation of our people from all these injustices so we can be empowered and we say one destiny to say one day we’ll be blessed with that manifestation.
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Jelani Brown, Youth Organizer at American Friends Service Committee St. Louis

American Friends Service Committee does a program called Freedom School. We explain to youth institutional power and systematic racism and try to show how systems work with each other to oppress poor people and people of color. We are building a campaign to combat the school to prison pipeline and change the discipline system in St. Louis schools from being punitive to more restorative. We are working to build our base and give back to the community.Read more

Herdosia Bentum, Ferguson Activist

I am part of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement. We say “Uhuru” because it means freedom. It is a movement for Africans connecting all of the diaspora on democratic issues. This includes all issues such as imprisonment, police brutality, resources, jobs, food, and gardens to promote healthy eating. Coming into a political life. Understanding that who we are in this country and what this country was built on.Read more