Lakesha Boren

Proper policing:

Proper policing, I don’t know if there is such a thing. But in a perfect world proper policing would be you know, if you were pulled over for a road violation or something they should first of all introduce themselves to you. Pull you over, explain, give you your ticket and let you go upon your way. That would be proper policing. Or if the police were called to situation, such as the situation in McKinney, Texas, you question the person who called the police first in a calm manner. You don’t just go and be rambunctious, run around, scare people and intimidate people. That’s not the proper way to do things. You don’t manhandle people especially women, young ladies, anybody. It was very disturbing. I have two daughters.

On protesting:

Me growing up, I didn’t grow up in the 60s so with the civil rights movement you have an idea and when you are actually there you’re feeling it and you gain a sense of knowledge, pride, and understanding. Protesting hasn’t changed my focus in life because I was already heading that way, but it made it stronger. Protesting implanted my feet and made me know what my purpose is. I know what I need to be doing in life.

Political change:

I know a lot people feel like voting is the way, but I’m the type of person who believes that even if we do get black people in office who think the way that we do, they are still treated horribly and it’s hard for them to get their job done. So what really is the solution?

Ferguson Is…exploited. I was born in Ferguson, I lived there until I moved away when I was 9 years old. It’s exploited. I think  Ferguson is representative of pretty much all the communities in the counties of St. Louis. That’s just the one that got the attention. It could have been any place in St. Louis.