Toni Taylor

On what’s missing from race discussion:

As a black community I feel like we need to unify on one accord and know exactly what we are fighting for. As a community in the whole we need to try and pull together and try and change some of the laws in the city and county and start seeing some real change through taking on the power. We need power.

Positives of protesting: 

It‘s been positive as far as waking people up to knowing that this could be at your front door any day. Your family member could be next. It’s helping unify some to a certain degree. What we need is people to know that this is happening not just here in St. Louis but globally. It’s bigger than Ferguson, it’s bigger than St. Louis if we would all come together. A lot of people can say “I can stand with you but not in front of a camera. I can stand with you but this can’t get back to nobody.” They are already scared, they don’t want to lose their job. It’s all different types of things stoping us from really getting justice.

Proper policing:

Back to when I was a child, walking the beat, getting out in the community, actually getting to know people, knocking on people’s doors, letting them know that they are there to help. Go back to protect and serve. Protect and serve is gone. They are community workers, they are supposed to be out here for us. Public servants. They are not, they are killing us on a daily basis.

Ferguson is…An eye opener.