Clarence J. Graham

On being black in America:

When you see the average white man you’ll hear “that’s my country I’m fighting for it I’m dying for it.” They always have a vested interest in this country because they were never in it under servitude like African Americans were. It’s a system, including policing that has always been controlled by them. Meanwhile the average African American thinks “do I want to get shot at, do I want to go through this bullshit?” You see very few of us that are willing to go through this. It’s as if somewhere in the black psyche we’ve never had this feeling of control.

On future political change:

Bolshevism. That’s what we need. I want me and those working class white folks under this system to unite and go to them, “guess what Speaker of the Missouri House, guess what those who are power, we aren’t going to take your crap anymore.” Until we feel a sense of pride and a sense of self, we can’t do it.

Ferguson Is…There are two Fergusons.