CEO Lace, Young Black Millionaire Inc

On black identity: 

It means dealing with a lot of ostracism, having to be strong, and experience oppression with the black and white community. Being a black man means having to be educated. If you are a black male and not educated you become a victim in society to whatever they subject you to, racism, discrimination, oppression, unemployment. As black men it is our duty to have our identity and be able to withstand all the negativity we go through in this society. They look for the bad in us before they look for the good and they look for the good in them before they look for the bad.

Ferguson response and recent cases of police brutality:

I believe the response was complete foolishness, it wasn’t right. They made it seem as if we were in the middle of Iraq, treating us as if they had to contain everyone. Projecting an image of black people as not being civilized. That was the image on the media rather than the idea that this cop brutality beat down and made up lies about Mike Brown.

It continues to go on because blacks are the primary target to begin with. It is never going to stop until we are honest with ourselves and have cops realize the prejudice against black males and people. It won’t stop until we the people, white, black, wake up and are able to say this isn’t right. They unjustly killed Mike Brown and continue to unjustly kill black males and it isn’t right. That’s my take. By any means necessary.

Ferguson Is…What oppression can do to a community full of black people ran by the white majority. A boiling pot. An arena.