Frenchaire Andrews

On what needs to change:

I really feel like what is not being discussed is how we need to be creating more jobs for people of color. That’s the biggest thing. If we had more jobs there is less crime, then there is more opportunities for us. We are talking about race, we are talking about people being killed, but we need jobs to sustain our culture.

Protesting in the black community:

Protesting has given this community power and strength. We’re just sick and tired of being sick and tired. We’ve been getting killed and Mike Brown isn’t the first kid who’s gotten killed in this neighborhood or anywhere in St. Louis. I think that Mike Brown’s death struck a nerve with people. It was in the community, people watch and witnessed it. It sparked a movement of change and power to do something even if it is just protesting to say that you’re gonna stand and do something. We’ve been getting killed. Mike Brown’s death sparked action.

Ferguson Is…Power.