Michael Jerome, President of BE Inc.

On Black identity:

To be black in St. Louis or Ferguson means to take the struggle and use that to lift yourself up. Don’t let the struggle take you down. Of course there will always be a struggle no matter what, but as a Black male you will go through some stuff. It had to start here. If Ferguson never happened the world wouldn’t even be awake right now. 

On Police interactions with people of color:

It’s as if they have a fear inside them, like that’s their job. They go around stereotyping a black male and they think we are going to attack them. I don’t know what the stigma is but that’s how they instantly think —- as if we are animals ready to attack.

On the national view of the 2014 events in Ferguson:

The average American probably views actions Ferguson as pointless. Saying things like oh “go get a job.” These people are oppressed and they don’t know how it feels. Imagine that was your child?

Ferguson is…the reason the world is about to change.