Jasmine Brown, Diversity Awareness Partnership

Black Identity:

It almost seems like it means you have to prove yourself more. Being a Black woman in America means having to prove yourself. You have to show people you aren’t who they think you are. I’ve had instances where people are talking to me in a certain way and you have to throw out to them who you are — it’s kinda sad. Someone shouldn’t be talking to you like you have no education or no clue.

Police Brutality:

Brutality is taking things too far — letting your unconscious bias and anger, whatever is happening at the time, take your actions too far when it comes to being proper authority. Police officers are trained in a way to keep us safe but there is an extent, and sometimes that line is crossed.

On Police civilian interactions:

I don’t know what happened that day on Canfield Drive. No one knows.  Watching that video of Eric Garner, it’s all about approaching each other better. Law enforcement and people of color need to actually talk instead of “I think he’s trying to sell a cigarette on the street let me go ruff him up with words.” It’s sad because these are people of color. You don’t get lots of instances of a white person being ruffed up like that. All in all people want respect. People want to be treated well.

Ferguson Is… a beautiful place. I’d say that there is still is a divide. Ferguson looks like a community despite these negative images.