Kurt Hutchinson

On being black in St. Louis:

The biggest struggle here in St. Louis is the segregation. I’ve never been in a place that’s been as compartmentalized where people act like its not compartmentalized. Being from New York City where I’m born, it’s compartmentalized but you know that this is where the Italians live, this is where this culture is. But here I mean it seems like a passive aggressiveness to how people treat race. Nobody really realizes it exists.

Black political representation: 

I definitely think this is going to change the political landscape here and effect more political representation. My biggest reasons why is not because of the protests that happen here but because everyone is going to look at Baltimore and notice that city has a black council, black prosecuting attorney, black mayor, and so they’re seeing that and how it’s effective and they’re viewing that as being justice. The police are actually being charged and having to go to court for what they did and that didn’t necessarily happen here. That’ll depend on what people’s view of justice is and I think that’ll inspire people that yes you can have some power by getting involved in government.

Ferguson Is…misrepresented.