Rance Thomas, John Knox Presbyterian Church

Proper policing:

It means what it really says: to serve and protect. We’ve moved away from that in the past years and the police have become an occupied force, rather than to serve and protect. This means getting back into the community, getting to know the community. They often have low contact with the community, often staying in their cars and not getting out there. They should be getting out there, getting to know the community and let the people get to know them so they see the community as human beings rather than trouble makers.

I believe we are missing discussion on racial profiling and bias. Often times police officers don’t want to discuss it. They are reluctant and don’t want to admit there is a problem with policing with racial issues. What we are attempting to do is work toward solving problems with police and community relations.


Protesting is very important. It raises issues that exist in the community and need to be addressed. I don’t support violent protests but protests are generally important and help bring out these issues in the community, particularly in North county. With the media involved as you know, sometimes too much so, they tainted the whole North county area. There are problems in North county, but that has gone international. I think the protesting was necessary and did bring up issues that need to be addressed locally in North county and nationally.

Ferguson Is…at the moment, a state of uncertainty. But I think in the near future, changes will be made and are being made especially with the new council members. The police will be forced to make a change given the Department Of Justice’s report. It’s a slow processes given the changes.