A special thanks goes to the community members interviewed and photographed: Jasmine Brown, Tony Neal, Rance Thomas, Clarence J Graham, Orlando, Anthony Harris, Raymound, CEO Lace, Kim, Edward, Herdosia Bentum, Frenchaire Andrews, Romona Taylor Williams, Herdosia Bentum, Jelani Brown, Tavon Brooks, Lakesha Boren, Robert White, Xolani Shakur, Toni Taylor, King Asuar, Phillip Johnson, Ricky Perry, Kurt Hutchinson, Michael Jerome, Zaki Buruti, and Stefani Weeden-Smith. Your voices and stories are instrumental to the telling of the Ferguson uprising and racial issues in St. Louis.

This project would not have been possible without the financial and logistical support of the Northeastern University Scholars Program’s Scholars Independent Research Fellowship (SIRF), the guidance of Professor Dr. Sarah J. Jackson of the Northeastern University Department of Communication Studies, and the approval of the Northeastern Institutional Review Board.


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